Riding On, Looking Back

AUK members will have received a an update from Chris Crossland on the suspension of Audax UK events. There’s some optimism that validation of DIYs, Perms and small calendar events might restart later in the year, but it’s difficult to see how our local “village hall” Audax Populaires could be run anytime soon.

Here is something to cheer you up. Chris Rayne, the organiser of the Celtic Coastal and Celtic Canter events, has used the lockdown period to good purpose by updating his account of his 1980 End-to-End – ridden on a tandem trike in aid of the local branch of Muscular Dystrophy UK.

I found Chris’s description of the – shall we say challenges – of piloting a trike from John o’Groats to Lands End amusing and hair raising in equal parts. I have to say we won’t be tempted to trade the two wheels for three ourselves.

This is the link to the report, and if you would like to donate to the cause you can do so via the local branch or the national Muscular Dystrophy UK site.

Edited 11 June 20 to link to updated PDF file.

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Audax and Coronavirus

AUK Members will have received an email from Chris Crossland today explaining the Board’s decision to cancel events and suspend recognition of points and awards.

I am copying the section of the letter that covers the underlying reasoning for this here for the benefit of non-members, as it explains clearly why we have had to cancel our events and is helpful to all of us in thinking about our approach to cycling in these difficult times.

Dear …

You may already be aware from the AUK Forum and social media of the Board’s decision on Monday night to suspend recognition of all calendar, permanent and DIY events, with immediate effect, until further notice.

While the decision was, of course, taken in response to the updated government advice given yesterday, I thought it might be helpful to give some insight into why we have decided to suspend all AUK events and the implications for the various events that run under the AUK umbrella.

Our overriding priority must be the health and safety of our membership and the wider community. Long distance cycling poses two fundamental challenges in relation to Covid-19.

The first relates to infection control. The importance of hand hygiene has been repeatedly stressed by the health authorities but maintaining this can be challenging on long rides. Additionally, control points and cafes can bring riders, volunteers and the public into close proximity and so increase the risk of the virus being spread, in either direction.

A further factor is that at this stage we have no indication of the extent to which rider fatigue may affect susceptibility and resilience to infection.

The second challenge is that, while the risk may be small, accidental injury can and does happen on Audax rides. In normal circumstances, we manage this through risk assessment of rides and the expectation that participants take reasonable care.

Our health services will be under extreme pressure in the coming weeks and months. Riders who are injured may struggle to access timely and appropriate care and will take resources that could be used to the benefit of other, potentially critically ill, patients.

As well as the risks to riders and the public, a reputational risk to AUK attaches to this. It is hard to imagine that there would be much sympathy for an injured rider who had prioritised gaining a couple of Championship points over their own and others’ well-being. We understand that the decision of the Spanish and Italian cycling federations to ban all recreational cycling was taken in response to this.

In summary, we would be failing to meet our organisational responsibility to benefit the health and well-being of the community, and we would be in breach of our health and safety policy, which requires us to undertake specific risk assessments and provide a safe environment, taking the specific nature of randonneur cycling and related disciplines into account.

I hope that all members will appreciate that this decision was not taken lightly. We will formally review the position at the next Board meeting on 22nd April and update you as appropriate.

My best wishes to all members and their families during these challenging times.

Chris Crossland

Chair, Audax UK

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AUK cancels all Audax Events



Following today’s updated guidance from the government, the Audax UK Board has taken the difficult decision to suspend recognition of all calendar, permanent and DIY events, with immediate effect, until further notice.

This means that AUK will not validate any rides undertaken from midnight tonight, 16th March, until the decision is taken to lift the suspension. Anyone undertaking such rides will not be allocated AUK points or AAA points, their rides will not be counted towards Mileater or Randonneur Round the Year awards, and they will not be covered by AUK’s insurance policy while riding.

We appreciate that many members will be working towards our various points-based championships. Given the suspension of events, the points-based championships will be suspended for this season. The Mileater Awards will be frozen at their current state and, while annual totals will be recorded, the mileater championships will be suspended for this year. To ensure that the progress of riders  towards The Randonneur Round the Year Award  is recognised, validation of qualifying rides for  it will be suspended immediately and will restart on the same date as calendar events, perms, and DIYs.  RRtY riders who have already ridden their March events will be given due credit; those who have not yet completed a March event will be allowed to, in effect, have their suspension backdated to the end of February so that they are not penalised.

More information for members and specifically for event organisers will follow during the next few days.

We will keep the position under review and inform members of any changes as appropriate.

I would like to thank all the Board members who have contributed to these difficult decisions, and hope that Audax UK, all our members, all our event organisers, and all our supporters are able to return to our normal activities at some point in the future when the outlook for everybody is much better.

Chris Crossland
Chair, Audax UK

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Breakfast in Bampton, Singing in the Rain

One of the advantages of entering events online some weeks in advance is that we have committed to the ride before we see the weather forecast, making it much less likely we will get cold feet, though in the case of an Autumn ride this year rather more likely we will get wet ones. Continue reading

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Another Season Rolls On

The Celtic Coastal and Celtic Canter events from Wall wrapped up the Audax UK 2019 season nicely. Numbers were down a bit, probably due to the truly horrible weather the day before and the forecast light rain and strong winds. There may have been a little weather trepidation at the Départ but Chris Rayne’s parting shot of “it will be sunny later” certainly proved correct, even if early climbs took us up into the clouds. Winds never seemed quite from the direction expected as the road and the eddies turned back and forth along the cliffs and lanes, and riders enjoyed an exhilarating mix of headwind, cross wind and going well, along with some spectacular seascapes. Back at the Arrivée we were well rewarded with hot soup, sandwiches and cakes – many thanks to Chris and Liz for organizing and feeding us, and helpers Trevor and Simon at Wall and Peter (and Max) at The Apple Tree. Results are on the AUK site – linked and summarised below.

If you rode one of the Wall events paying the £3 insurance supplement for non-members you can take advantage of an offer from AUK membership to deduct £3 from your joining fee. More details are in the flyer here, or on the AUK site.

Don’t forget that in addition to the AUK membership benefits, if you’ve ridden one of the Audax Kernow events AUK membership also qualifies you to purchase an Audax Kernow jersey. Details of the jersey are in this post – we currently have a S, M, L and XL in the full zip short sleeve version, plus a limited selection of the long sleeved and 3/4 zip variants.  Email us using this link if you are interested.

Audax 50km Badge60km Celtic Canter
AUK id 19-629
10 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge100km The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 19-571
15 riders listed
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