The Granite and Serpentine Way

Starting from: Carnon Downs           Google map       Aerial view      
Date: Sunday 23rd August 2009 Time: 09:00 Distance: 163 km
Sunrise is at about    Sunset is at about      GMT       Metcheck weather
AAA: 0     Total Climb: 1670m

Ev No:

Category: BP
Facilities: L P R T Fee: £5.00 Speeds: 15-30 kph

Parking free or reasonably priced, at start
Toilets at the start
Left luggage secure(ish) at the start
Refreshments free or reasonably priced, at start and/or finish

Body: Truro CC


Organiser: Julian Winn

Address: 3 Dereham Terrace, Truro, Kernow TR1 3DE



Event entry should be via snail mail to Julian Winn using a standard Event Entry Form or the organiser’s own entry form, enclosing £4.00 payable to Julian Winn (ie not AUK), and two stamped addressed envelopes. Entries should arrive at least 2 weeks before the event.

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