Mists and Mellow Fruitfullness

Rders starting Celtic CoastalWhat a splendid start to the new Audax season! This is the first year the event has been held in November, and the new timing was rewarded with spectacular weather and an enthusiastic field of riders, including many new faces and some old stalwarts.

Pictures of the starts here.

A total of 89 riders started from Connor Downs. An early fog gave way to sunshine for most of the day, but lingered as mist or haze in places, providing some interesting light effects on what is always a scenic route. Some of us had the eerie experience of seeing the rocky outcrops on the left hand side of the road to Morvah brightly lit in sun while the field hedges disappeared in mist on the right. The temperatures were perfect for riding and for sitting outside at The Apple Tree Café control – indeed it was warmer and calmer than many a summer day.

62 of the 69 Celtic Coastal starters, and all 20 on the Cornish Canter, completed their rides and returned to welcome refreshments (including the excellent homemade cakes – thank you Liz!) back at the hall.

Many thanks to Chris Rayne and helpers for a great day out, and to all the riders for  supporting the event.

Audax 100km Badge104km
Starts 09:30
No AAA The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 15-547
42 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge60km
Starts 10:00
No AAA Celtic Canter
AUK id 15-629
18 riders listed


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