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Easter BRMs from Penzance

5 April, 2015
Starting from Penzance
Organiser Martyn Aldis

The Many Rivers to Cross and Four Hundreds 200 X-rated events have something of a history of attrition. Gales, deluges, heatwaves and hills have produced a fair proportion of DNSs and DNFs over the years. This year looked promising, with good weather forecast and the PBP qualification timetable probably contributing to a reasonable start list for events of this type, but illness and logistics still managed to reduce the starters to a total of ten hardy locals and two “furriners”.

Many Rivers Rider at Lands End Sunset

Chapeau to all those who took part in these challenging rides.


Audax 300km Badge307km
Starts 06:30
AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal5 AAA Many Rivers to Cross
AUK id 15-327
6 riders validated
Audax 200km Badge207km
Starts 08:00
AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal3.75 AAA Four Hundreds 200
AUK id 15-326
1 rider validated
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A30 Carland Cross to Chiverton Cross

You may have seen in the press that the upgrade of the single carriageway section on the A30 North of Truro is now moving into the early stages of planning with a public consultation. Lack of provision for non-motorised users is given as one of the problems with the existing road. The growth of motor traffic along the A30 has taken made the natural spine route more or less untenable for cycling and the crossing points at  Chybucca and Boxheater junctions fairly tricky.

There is a public exhibition at Starbucks Chiverton Cross today,  Wednesday 25th March until 6pm, and all the information displayed is also on the web with a Questionnaire. Let’s make the case for genuine cycling provision.

Link for more info.

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Many Rivers to Cross

19 July, 2014
Starting from Penzance
Organiser Martyn Aldis

A couple of pictures from this event.

Reuben and Dene

CS Dynamo riders

Audax 300km Badge307km
Starts 06:30
AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal5 AAA Many Rivers to Cross
AUK id 14-327
7 riders validated
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Blasts from East then West

The opening events of 2013 from Penzance were notable for the very fresh and cold wind from the East. The two brave starters of the Many Rivers to Cross 300 called it a day at Camelford when it was clear that finishing in time was no longer a realistic hope. The Four Hundreds 200 next day was a more practical proposition with four finishers. I found the slog around West Penwith and especially from Lands End to St Buryan painfully slow but some rather fuzzy mental sums suggested I could finish in time and after catching up another rider who had lost me before Zennor, enjoyed the final run past Sheffield and down to the lights of Newlyn.

Martyn mends a puncture on The Cornish Hundred April 2013The Cornish Hundred from Falmouth took place under threat of Westerly gales with gusts of 48mph on the forecast. In fact it was windy but not that windy. Making use of the excellent cross-wind stability of my small wheels I made quite a brisk start. Thoughts of an early arrival at Long Rock were rewarded with a loud bang from my back tyre and I was able to review nearly the entire field as they passed me bent in a gateway fitting a new tyre and tube. Caught on camera too.

Things soon looked up with an end to the rain, some fun with the route sheet and the arrival of sunny spells and the pleasure of riding without the waterproofs. Falmouth Wheelers’ cake and savouries spread didn’t disappoint and I made the most of it.

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New year, new administration, new events list

We’ve picked up the baton to keep the Audax Kernow website ticking over with news of cycling events under Audax UK rules run on Cornish roads.

Many thanks to the founder administrator for his work over the years and for help with the handover.

Martyn and Margaret Aldis

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