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The Audax UK season runs from 1st October to the end of September, so the local 2015 season started with Ed’s Mince Pie and Mulled Wine ride in December 2014, and the last few months of 2015 fall in the 2016 season.

If you completed an event within the time limits and with a valid Brevet you will be included in the number of riders finished and you will usually appear on the full AUK results list for the event. You can order cloth badges and metal medals for the standard distances, and Grimpeur medals for AAA points, online from the Audax UK website.

Mines and Mineral Railways Events 2015

28 June, 2015
Starting from Carharrack
Organiser Simon Jones

Cream teaA very murky start to the rides this year, leading to the surreal experience of riding up Carn Brea with the monument completely hidden in the mist. The weather improved dramatically around the mid-point return to Carharrack for pasties, ending with sunshine and a delightful cream tea.

Chris Rayne has photos of the events here.

An unexpectedly large number of last minute arrivals left some would-be off-roaders disappointed this year – a reminder to enter ahead or at least warn the organiser if large parties are intending to enter “on the line”.

Audax 50km Badge67km
Starts 10:00
no AAA Mines and Mineral Railways (ON-road)
AUK id 15-836
25 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge66km
Starts 10:00
no AAA Mines and Mineral Railways (OFF-road)
AUK id 15-837
38 riders listed
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Merlin Centre Events 2015

7 June, 2015
Starting from Hewas Water
Organiser Kathryn Mcfarlane

These events were organised by Probus Pedallers to raise funds for the Merlin MS Centre.

This year a new 50km “Clay Country Tour” ride started alongside the 100km “Merlin’s Coast to Coast”.

Both excellent rides enjoyed by a good field, not all of whom appear on the finishers lists below.

Audax 100km Badge101km
Starts 09:00
no AAA Merlin’s Coast to Coast
AUK id 15-652
29 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge50km
Starts 09:00
no AAA The Clay Country Tour
AUK id 15-410
9 riders listed
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Kernow and Southwest 2015 Penzance Control

Simon Jones at the Penzance ControlIn response to a short-notice request from the general direction of Exeter, Audax Kernow organisers and web admin plus Falmouth Wheelers SR Trevor ran the Penzance control for the Kernow and South West 6oo km Audax this weekend.



Simon Jones took on provisioning and organised the crew, Peter Hansen managed the paperwork, both with the ease of decades of experience, while for Trevor and me it was a chance to see the strange world of the multi-day event from the other side of the counter for the first time.

A rich aromascape kept Max entertained too.

Here are some pictures of riders leaving the control, fed, watered and we hope refreshed for the next stage of this challenging ride.

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Events from Devoran 17 May 2015

We saw a total of 71 riders leave Devoran on Sunday. Despite some of the usual suspects being away from home “The Granite and Serpentine Way” saw more riders listed than any year since 2008: ourselves on tandem, thirteen on geared solos and one on fixed wheel.  Navigational mistakes and Garmin-assisted sailing on past controls led to a rather high DNF count on “A Lizard Loop” but all twelve who started the “Carns and Killas” had their brevet cards in good order for the finish.

There are some pictures from the event in the Falmouth Wheelers’ Photo Gallery.

Many thanks to the controllers, Jennifer Petzing at Towednack, Peter Hansen at Lizard Village and to everyone at Little Pengelley Tea Rooms.

Audax 150km Badge167km
Starts 08:30
no AAA The Granite and Serpentine Way
AUK id 15-128
16 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge106km
Starts 09:00
no AAA A Lizard Loop
AUK id 15-129
29 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge54km
Starts 09:30
no AAA Carns and Killas
AUK id 15-130
12 riders listed
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Falmouth Wheelers Audax 2015

12 April, 2015
Starting from Falmouth
Organiser Adrian Hitchman

This year saw a particularly good turn out on the Cornish 100. Over 100 riders set off into a breezy Cornish spring day, jerseys of every hue making a splendid display around Pendennis head and beside the Falmouth beaches before the main business of the route. A stiff Sou’westerly was noticeable on the route down to Longrock, but provided some welcome assistance on the climb out of Gweek and on the route back to Falmouth.

There are links to the results lists below, and pictures of the events on the Falmouth Wheelers site.

Audax 100km Badge103km
Starts 09:00
no AAA A Cornish 100
AUK id 15-135
100 Rider validated
Audax 50km Badge50km
Starts 10:00
no AAA A Bunny Hop
AUK id 15-134
33 Rider validated
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