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Paris Brest Paris Randonneur 2019

Congratulations to three new PBP “Anciens”. All three local riders who took part in the 19th edition of the Paris Brest Paris Randonneur – Kevin Talbot, Paul Nelson and Simon Evans – completed the ride this morning. As it happens, all three also included the 300km Many Rivers to Cross event back at Easter as part of their qualification series for the event.

Click on the images below for stage timings. Unfortunately the tracker this time did not show distances, just timings for arrival at each control, but you can view the route on the ACP site here.

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Audax events in 2019

Audax Kernow events for 2019 are all now calendared, and I have updated the information on this site. As usual I’ve also included links for forthcoming events in Devon. If you are interested in travelling further afield, check out the complete calendar on the new AUK site. The full web site is under construction, but if you are new to Audax or have questions about what it is or how it works this is the place to find out more.

Apple Tree Cafe Control SignYou can now download a PDF flyer to publicise the first Audax Kernow events of the year in April (Falmouth and Penzance events) and May (Devoran). There’ll be an update available next month to include the Mines and Mineral Railways events and the Celtic Coastal and Celtic Canter events starting from Wall. The Wall events are running earlier this year, on 29th September rather than in October, which conveniently brings them into the AUK 2019 season too.

The poster is going up in number of Cornish bike shops, cafés and other places frequented by cyclists. If you know of a venue that we’ve missed, or would like a laminated copy to display in another good location, please let us know.


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Looking forward

Two Audax Kernow events for April are now on the AUK Calendar.

The Falmouth Wheelers’ Cornish 100 and Bunny Hop rides will run on 14th April – a week before Easter this year, as Easter is so late.

The Penzance X-rated 200km and 300km events will run on the 21st – Easter Sunday. As 2019 is a Paris-Brest-Paris year they are running as BRM (Brevet de Randonneur Mondial) events and can be used as part of a PBP qualifying series.

I’ll be updating our own calender and Facebook page with these events sometime later this year, with others as they are calendared.

No Ed’s Mince Pie and Mulled Wine Audax this December to look forward to I’m afraid, but many years of a very special ride to look back on and celebrate. As far as I can ascertain, this ride started in December 2007, running first from Connor Downs before moving more recently to Carharrack,  and only missed one year (due to icy weather in 2011) in those 11 years. I’m sure everyone who has ever taken part will want to thank Eddie Angell and Wendy Wallis for all their past efforts and successes in warming parts other rides don’t reach.

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New Audax Organisers Needed

Ready for the big day

Could you help run Audax events in Cornwall? The current organisers are keen to bring on some new talent and extend the number of events that run locally.

To be eligible to become an AUK Organiser, you need to be a member and preferably a Randonneur – that is have completed a 200km Audax event at some point. You also need to be familiar with the style of local Populaire rides, as this is the main focus of Audax riding in Cornwall (it’s Not Norfolk).

There’s more information on the responsibilities and requirements on the AUK website. As a new organiser you will be assigned one of the local organisers as a mentor to guide you through the process for the first time. If you have an idea for your own route they can help turn that into a valid distance event, or they can give you details of some routes that Audax Kernow has run in the past to get you started.

Refreshment table

A good spread at the Arrivée is always welcome

Organising an event can be as much of a challenge as riding one, but there is good support locally and nationally and immense satisfaction to be had from giving the riders a “grand day out”. It’s a chance to pass on to others the enjoyment you’ve had from your own rides and capitalise on your knowledge of what makes cycling in Cornwall great.

If you think this might be for you, do contact any of the organisers to discuss or get in touch with an email to the group.


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Riding from the Hall at Wall

Great day out starting in the mist but clearing to give mellow autumn warmth and sparkling views to sea.

Falmouth Wheelers have ride reports on the Celtic Coastal and the Celtic Canter on their website, and also some photos of the start.

Update: Results now up on the AUK site – see links below.

Audax 50km Badge60km Celtic Canter
AUK id 18-629
14 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge100km The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 18-547
25 riders listed
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