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We are always pleased to include reports on the Audax Kernow events, or about local riders going further afield.

Connor Downs 23 October 2016 – Celtic Coastal Ride Report

Despite the high wind forecasts there was a good turn out for the Celtic Coastal and Celtic Canter events, including a number of riders new to Audax.

Updated 6th December to add results links:

Audax 50km Badge60km No AAA Celtic Canter
AUK id 16-629
16 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge100km No AAA The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 16-547
52 riders listed

Thanks to Will Hancock for this ride report.

Celtic Coastal Audax 100k

And so to the end of a year of great riding, or rather I should say the start of another Audax season!  I got back cycling in 2014 following a running career curtailed by injury.  “ Get a bike Will, get a bike Will” said Cliff a work colleague and now fellow Audaxer, and after riding my first sportive (with Cliff) the Lands End 100 miler it was, “ride an Audax Will, the Dartmoor Devil is coming up….”  I was surprised to find that 100 km could be harder than 100 miles, especially when accompanied by all those steel bike riders, but liked the ethos and connoisseur feel of the Audax scene.

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A First 200 in Cornwall

LizardAndCamelRouteUnder one of the lesser known rules of AUK, an event organizer and helpers involved on the day are entitled to ride a calendar event in the two weeks before the date of the event itself.  Thus it was that we set off yesterday to route check the Lizard and the Camel, and hopefully have a good day out in the May sunshine.

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2014 Mille Cymru

Not as well known as London-Edinburgh-London or Paris-Brest-Paris, but probably more challenging than either, the Mille Cymru is a 1000km+ ride that seems to cover most of Wales (the hilly bits). Chapeau to Trevor Stephens, who has let us have this ride report. Continue reading

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Cornish take on Devil in Devon

25% Hill on Dartmoor DevilIt’s always a hell of a ride, the Dartmoor Devil. It’s the sting in the tail of the audax season. 104km sounds like a nice Sunday’s distance. What makes the difference is the 2,500 metres of climbing. Well, that’s just one of the differences. The wind and weather too nearly always play their parts, especially on the exposed bleakness of the high moor, as the ride takes its toll, the gloom gathers and the Devil unleashes all his secret machinations. Continue reading

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The “no gels” Dorset Coast 200km

Old Harry's RocksIsn’t that the sound of gunfire in the distance?  But it is 6 am on a Sunday in the sleepy Isle of Purbeck and it is the day of the Dorset Coast.  After a hearty breakfast (including black pudding) the four of us ride off to the start in Wareham.  Mark and Jane are in their Willesden CC strips and Robin and I in our Audax Kernow colours.  Mark is in his usual early season good shape (which is quite visible). Continue reading

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