London Edinburgh London 2017

Good luck to our Audax Kernow riders!

You can follow their progress via Rider Tracking on the London Edinburgh London website.
Robin Snelson A35
Trevor Stephens BB32
Kevin Talbot EE37

And a reminder from 2013 of how it feels to finish …

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Devoran Events 16th July 2017

Calling the new 100km ride “Blue Sea” was probably tempting fate.

The day was mostly overcast and often mizzley, and riders on the West Penwith loop had difficulty seeing Lanyon Quoit, let alone the glorious view out to sea that makes the climb worthwhile. Nevertheless, we had a cheerful field who made the most of two stops at the new Gwithian Church Hall control and returned in good spirits to Devoran and rather nicer weather. As did the small but select group of Peter’s Point riders – everyone finishing in good time and probably the least damp of the day’s entrants.

The Lizard and the Camel 200km was more of a challenge in this year’s weather than last year’s sunshine, but the riders rose to the occasion brilliantly with nearly all the starters finishing. A number of last year’s riders took it on again, and two riders new to the distance gained their “Randonneur” status – chapeau!

Thanks to Peter, Eddie and Chris for expertly manning the Gwithian control, and to all the riders for taking part, playing the game, and making the day fun.

Links to the lists of finishers on the AUK site below. There are two sets of photos on the Facebook group.

Audax 50km Badge
Peter’s Point
AUK id 17-767
7 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge
Red River Blue Sea
AUK id 17-106
18 riders listed
Audax 200km Badge
Lizard and the Camel
AUK id 17-765
18 riders listed
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Time to enter Devoran events

Lizard and the Camel Depart

Riders preparing to leave Devoran on the Lizard and the Camel in May last year

Route sheets and GPX files are now being sent out to entrants on the three Devoran events. The Gwithian control this year is in the church hall, where Peter and crew will have a bit more shelter and some mid-ride snacks available – so no trips down to the Towans this year unless you want to view the surf.

To enter online, follow the links to the AUK website.

Lizard and the Camel 210km
Red River Blue Sea 110km
Peter’s Point 56km

If you are a member, log in before going on to enter so that the entry automatically has your details. If you are paying by Paypal, be sure to return to the AUK site afterwards so your payment is recorded.

Advance entry is open until midnight Friday 14th July. Entry on the day available subject to numbers.

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Mine and Mineral Railways – 25 June 2017

Chris Rayne’s photos here:

Results lists on the Audax UK site as linked below.

Audax 50km Badge67km Mines and Mineral Railways (ON-road)
AUK id 17-836
37 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge66km Mines and Mineral Railways (OFF-road)
AUK id 17-837
65 riders listed
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Penzance X-Rated Events – 11 June 2017


Audax 200km Badge207km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal3.75 AAA Four Hundreds 200
AUK id 17-326
4 Riders listed
Audax 300km Badge308km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal5 AAA Even More Rivers
AUK id 17-327
2 Riders listed
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