New Audax Organisers Needed

Ready for the big day

Could you help run Audax events in Cornwall? The current organisers are keen to bring on some new talent and extend the number of events that run locally.

To be eligible to become an AUK Organiser, you need to be a member and preferably a Randonneur – that is have completed a 200km Audax event at some point. You also need to be familiar with the style of local Populaire rides, as this is the main focus of Audax riding in Cornwall (it’s Not Norfolk).

There’s more information on the responsibilities and requirements on the AUK website. As a new organiser you will be assigned one of the local organisers as a mentor to guide you through the process for the first time. If you have an idea for your own route they can help turn that into a valid distance event, or they can give you details of some routes that Audax Kernow has run in the past to get you started.

Refreshment table

A good spread at the Arrivée is always welcome

Organising an event can be as much of a challenge as riding one, but there is good support locally and nationally and immense satisfaction to be had from giving the riders a “grand day out”. It’s a chance to pass on to others the enjoyment you’ve had from your own rides and capitalise on your knowledge of what makes cycling in Cornwall great.

If you think this might be for you, do contact any of the organisers to discuss or get in touch with an email to the group.


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Riding from the Hall at Wall

Great day out starting in the mist but clearing to give mellow autumn warmth and sparkling views to sea.

Falmouth Wheelers have ride reports on the Celtic Coastal and the Celtic Canter on their website, and also some photos of the start.

Update: Results now up on the AUK site – see links below.

Audax 50km Badge60km Celtic Canter
AUK id 18-629
14 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge100km The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 18-547
25 riders listed
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Event updates

Excellent day out yesterday both on tarmac and on trails  – who’d have thought we would be glad of a drop of rain to keep things cool for a while.

Chris Rayne has provided some excellent photos of the event as usual.

Chris’s own events, the Celtic Coastal and the Celtic Canter on the 21st October are now registered in the AUK calendar for the 2018/19 season and are open for entries. I’ve added these and other local(ish) events currently registered to our list of forthcoming events.

Results list for the Mines and Mineral Railways events on the Audax UK site as linked below.

Audax 50km Badge67km Mines and Mineral Railways (ON-road)
AUK id 18-836
41 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge66km Mines and Mineral Railways (OFF-road)
AUK id 18-837
31 riders listed


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A grand day out: Devoran May 6th

Fulsome congratulations and thanks have been coming in from all quarters to new Audax organiser Trevor Stephens who ably took on the Devoran events this year. The cheery welcome, the repartee at Gwithian, the rhubarb crumble at the arrivée and of course the weather have all been noted and enjoyed.

There was a good turn out on all the events, including riders new to Audax, the usual local suspects and a few AUKs from further afield.

Results on the Audax UK site; see links below.

Audax 200km Badge210km Lizard and the Camel
AUK id 18-765
13 riders listed
Audax 100km Badge110km Red River Blue Sea
AUK id 18-106
31 riders listed
Audax 50km Badge56km Peter’s Point
AUK id 18-767
32 riders listed
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Devoran 6th May Photos

Click on the photo for full size image.

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