Completed Events 2013


Audax Events on Cornish Roads in the 2013 Season

This includes all the calendar events organised by Audax Kernow, and a few ‘up country’ events that venture across the Tamar.

The Audax UK season runs from 1st October to the end of September, so the local 2013 season started with Ed’s Mince Pie and Mulled Wine ride in December 2012, and the last few months of 2013 fall in the 2014 Season.

If you completed an event within the time limits and with a valid Brevet you will be included in the number of riders finished and you will usually appear on the full AUK results list for the event. You can order cloth badges and metal medals for the standard distances, and Grimpeur medals for AAA points, online from the Audax UK website.

Sunday 2 December 2012

Starting from Caharrack    Organiser Eddie Angell

Popular pre-Christmas ride with cakes at Penventon Farm control and mince pie and mulled wine at the finish.

There was an enthusiastic turn out despite the incessant drizzle. There are some pictures on the Falmouth Wheelers site.

50km Badge60km no
Ed’s Mince Pie & Mulled Wine 50
AUK id 12-16
62 riders finished

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March 2013

Starting from Penzance    Organiser Martyn Aldis

Two challenging X-rated Audax events that took place on a cold and windy Easter weekend. There is a ride report here.

for300km307km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal5 AAA Many Rivers to Cross
AUK id 13-327
No riders finished
for200km207km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal3.75 AAA Four Hundreds 200
AUK id 13-326
4 riders finished

Sunday 14 April 2013

Starting from Falmouth    Organiser Adrian Hitchman

Popular events organised by Falmouth Wheelers. Control at Longrock, returning via Porthleven and Porkellis. Renowned for its refreshments at finish.

These events took place in half a gale. There are some pictures on the Falmouth Wheelers site and a ride report here.

for100km103km no
A Cornish 100
AUK id 13-135
31 riders finished
50km Badge50km no
A Bunny Hop
AUK id 13-134
19 riders finished

Saturday 27 April 2013

Starting from Newton Abbot    Organiser Rod Pash

Organised by CTC Devon. Starting from Newton Abbot, but passing through North Cornwall and Launceston.

Several Audax Kernow members took part this year – as can be spotted in the pictures on the Chris Bennett 300 Facebook page.

for300km300km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal4 AAA Chris Bennett 300
AUK id 13-277
20 riders finished

Sunday 19 May 2013

Starting from Carnon Downs    Organiser Martyn Aldis

Organised by CTC Cornwall, three rides to suit all tastes. The Granite and
Serpentine Way
is a 100 miler including long coastal stretches with views
out to sea as well as sheltered lanes. A Lizard Loop is an Audax Kernow classic
100km Populaire ride featuring the open, flattish roads of the Lizard. Carns
and Killas
is a shorter ride over quiet lanes and minor roads.

Refreshments at controls and the customary custard and crumble feast at the finish, with one commercial tea shop control at Pengelly.

for150km163km no
The Granite and Serpentine Way
AUK id 13-128
14 riders finished
for100km104km no
A Lizard Loop
AUK id 13-129
42 riders finished
50km Badge51km no
Carns and Killas
AUK id 13-130
12 riders finished

Saturday 1 June 2013

Starting from Exeter    Organiser Ian Hennessey

A trip around the Southwest peninsular for the serious long distance cyclist. Food and sleeping facilities at 365km. Refreshments and limited sleep facilities at the finish.

Audax 600km badge600km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal8.25 AAA Kernow and Southwest 600
AUK id 13-474
18 riders finished

Sunday 9 June 2013

Starting from Launceston    Organiser Jim Wilkinson

Four rides with a huge choice of terrain. Tour of the Moors is a challenging ride for experienced randonneurs that takes in the two moors that sit either side of the Tamar valley. Fantastic views and scenery as well as several big climbs.
Dartmoor 8 provides a figure of 8 tour of Dartmoor including several famous climbs plus the beauty of the Teign valley.
Moor & Coast takes in the spectacular views of Bodmin Moor together with equally spectacular views of the north Cornwall coastline. A rolling but truly rewarding ride.
Tamar Taster is described as a gentle ride over the hills of West Devon taking in spectacular views along quiet lanes.

for200km206km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal3.75 AAA Tour of the Moors
AUK id 13-04
1 rider finished
for150km160km AAA Gold Grimpeur Medal3.25 AAA Dartmoor 8
AUK id 13-263
7 riders finished
for100km103km AAA Silver2.25
Moor & Coast
AUK id 13-264
24 riders finished
50km Badge52km AAA Silver1 AAA Tamar Taster
AUK id 13-203
11 riders finished

Sunday 7 July 2013

Starting from Caharrack    Organiser Simon Jones

These rides explore Cornwall’s mining heritage in the ‘Copper Kingdom’ between the Channel and the Atlantic. There is a choice of routes, both with the option of pausing for a pasty lunch and ending with a clotted cream tea. Mountain bike recommended for the
off-road route, which uses old tramroads and bridleways (includes some short connecting on-road sections).

There are some pictures of the off-roaders in Chris Rayne’s album.

50km Badge69km no
Mines and Mineral Railways On-road
AUK id 13-836
47 riders finished
50km Badge67km no
Mines and Mineral Railways Off-road
AUK id 13-837
30 riders finished

Sunday 11 August 2013

Starting from Connor Downs    Organiser Peter Hansen

The Celtic Coastal is a pleasant 100km tootle around the Celtic peninsula of West Penwith, featuring scenic views of the Atlantic Coast. The Celtic Canter is an abridged version of the route.

There are some pictures of these events in Chris Rayne’s album and a ride report here.

for100km104km no
The Celtic Coastal
AUK id 13-547
24 riders finished
50km Badge60km no
Celtic Canter
AUK id 13-629
19 riders finished

Sunday 8 September 2013

Starting from Connor Downs    Organiser Peter Hansen

Reminders of West Cornwall’s ‘Copper, Fish and Tin’ heritage await as you ride from Lighthouse (Golowjy) to Mine (Bal) through villages, moorland and quiet roads set against a stunning rural and coastal backdrop.

There are some pictures of these events in Chris Rayne’s album.

for100km116km no
Golowjy ha Bal 116
AUK id 13-492
24 riders finished
50km Badge52km no
Golowjy ha Bal 52
AUK id 13-491
8 riders finished